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These doors were specifically designed to offer a solution to garage owners who do not have enough space to fit roller garage doors. This is a perfect solution to smaller garages or spaces with restricted headroom. Hence they are predominantly used in private garages and in residential areas. Hence factors such as strength and ventilation have to come to topic. As a company, we endeavor to bring you world class tilt doors that will incorporate all these key factors for better experiences.

Tilt garage doors are cost effective, practical and will ensure security and safety in your garage for many years of use. They are easily installed and are available in a wide range of designs and finishes. They have very many advantages which we will list for you before discussing the main ones.

  • Are available in a large pool of color choice
  • Are automatically operated
  • Are easily installed and maintained
  • Have a customized manufacture
  • Have a perfect operation and balance
  • Have a wide range of window styles
  • Can be fitted perfectly with a very high accuracy of one millimeter in height and width
  • Are made from high quality steel

Since this is a new type of garage door in the market, it will be important if we discuss it to details. This includes its mode of operation and the different types of the tilt doors. The door is operated by a spring that swings out as the door opens up. The springs are of two main types; the less expensive light duty spring and also the more expensive heavy duty spring.

Apart from the spring, there are also other key features of the tilt door. Its track hinges are safer, stronger and more durable than those of the roller garage doors. The doors are custom engineered. The doors vary in weight due to the numerous materials from which the doors can be made from. Hence one specification on the weight of the door will determine the type of tilt door that he or she will purchase from our stores. However, no matter what the material from which the doors are made, our tilt garage doors are galvanized to prevent rusting.

Light weight tilt garage doors are better since they offer optimum strength. Minimizing weight also cuts down on costs and helps the doors hinges to last longer. Hence are easy to maintain.

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