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This is without saying advancement in technology. These doors are opened and closed at the press of a button on a remote control device. This is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors. It is controlled by switches on the garage wall and remote control devices carried by the owner. We supply several remote control devices and accessories while our experts install the remote control system on your garage door.

Mode of operation

It is commonly believed that the remote offers power to open very heavy garage doors. This is however not true as the lifting power for the heavy doors comes from the counterbalancing springs attached or in built in the doors. The electronic device only offers a little force which controls how far the door opens or closes. It also holds the door in place after it has closed.

Structure of the remote device

The remote device is made up of a power unit that contains an electric motor. This power unit is the one that =attaches itself to a track. A trolley connected to the arm attaches to the top of the arm slides back and forth and this movement turns on the device. Once the remote receives a signal from the wall push button, it starts to function. This therefore leads to the opening and the closing of the door.

This entire system hangs on the garage door for easy operation.

Brief history of the garage remote controls

The first garage door remote opener comprised of a simple transmitter and receiver which formed the operating system of the opening mechanism. However, this system encountered problems of frequency. Hence the second remote system was developed to minimize the problem of frequency. This involved multicode systems. Several others have been developed till the ones we have in the market today.

Features of the remote system

  • Automatic lights that turn ion when the door opens and turn off when the door closes
  • A remote lock out feature that turns off the radio system when one is away for some duration of time
  • Key chain remotes and solenoid operated bolts for the door to lock itself automatically

Advantages of a remote operated door

  • It has a comprehensive guarantee
  • It is easily operated from the convenience of a sitting room
  • It provides high level security due to the inbuilt alarms when forcefully opened.

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