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This is a sectional overhead garage door. We offer a wide variety of this type of this door depending on the customer specifications. They are doors of superior quality that many of our customers opt to go for. The doors have several features, advantages as discussed below.



The doors come in a wide range of colors depending on your taste. Some have contrasting colors to achieve a unique appearance.


Our doors are fitted with locks from the inside however; external doors are fitted as an option to this. Some have provisions for key locks while others have provisions for padlocks.

Lifting systems

This is the distinguishing factor of this type of door from the others. Apart from the normal lifting system, we also provide rear torsion and standard headroom as independent units.

Size range

We offer panel lift garage doors of different sizes since garages are also of different sizes. The customer will come with the measurements of the allowed space for the garage door then we give them the panel lift garage door that matches their dimensions.


This type of garage doors comes with several benefits that will be discussed below.

Easy operation

The doors are easy to open and close due to the following features:

  • Ball bearing wheels which allow the door to run easily and smoothly during opening and closing
  • Hinges and track curve that reduce the chances of the door binding


Our pane lift doors will operate for quite a long time and have a new look each of those days since they have features such as:

  • Springs which exceed the normal limit.
  • Internally fixed hinges which require no maintenance.


This is one of the key areas on which one should lay much emphasis on. Severe injuries may result from the doors if not properly handled. With this in mind, our doors have special features to minimize these injuries.

  • Factory fitted hinges and pinch free panels which reduce the chances of fingers being trapped.
  • Rolled over panel edges which reduce the chances of fingers being cut.

Smooth and quiet

This creates a good atmosphere while handling the doors. This is due to:

  • Wheels with ball bearings.
  • Factory fitted hinges with a glass reinforced track curve

Weather protection

  • Steel to stand harsh weather.
  • Weather seal to prevent water from coming into the door.

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