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Each one of us likes to work in temperature regulated places. Hence, insulation comes in that we have to fit our garage doors with insulation properties. This is also important as it helps to use energy efficiently thus cutting down on costs. At I Garage Doors Sydney we provide all ranges of insulated doors to suit your demands. Hence for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency, insulated doors are the best option. Besides, there are insulation kits which can be used professionally by our team of experts to achieve insulation for a door that is presently not insulated. These insulated doors also offer design flexibility and durability.

Features of insulated doors

Thermacore construction

These doors consist of a layer of insulation material sandwiched between two layers of steel which must be corrosion resistant for maximum thermal regulation hence efficiency

Steel backing

These doors are made from steel even in the interior to give them a clean and furnished interior look.


This is the basic feature of the insulated doors. Insulation is measured in a unit called R-value. You can visit our website or read our brochures for more information.

Wood grain texture

This gives the doors a smooth touch and also makes them look more sophisticated than the normal doors.

Durable finish

The steel used to make these doors is galvanized hence making it free from corrosion. Hence the doors will tend to last longer since they are free from rust.

Weather seal

They have a bulb shaped weather seal which protects the door from wind and rain and also acts as a cushion while closing the door.

These features truly make an insulated door a more desirable product as compared to many other types of garage doors. Other additional basic features also come in a wide variety making the insulated door even more attractive. These include:


A variety of windows that are decorated in different designs are available in our reliable sales stores. These enhance the appearance of your garage and the property in general.


A variety of glass designs are available for your insulated garage door. These include: double strength, clear acrylic and also solar bronze. Each of the glass designs has their own specific uses hence choose on one that best suits you.


This come in a number of designs to further make your insulated door look more attractive and to customize it.

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