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Garage doors are the products that our company deals in. They are large doors that can be operated manually or electrically. They are made from wood, metal or advance ones made from fiber glass. Owing to this, there are several types of garage doors. According to the specifications of the customers, we have all doors from the several materials highlighted above. Discussed below, are the different types of doors and why you should go for one.

Wood garage doors: These are the most ancient type of garage doors in our stores. However, the products we sell are made from hard woods hence more durability. The doors have a good aesthetic appearance. However, they require relatively high maintenance cost since they can break easily. The strong ones are expensive.

Steel doors: From our sales records, these have become the commonest type of garage doors. They come in different sizes and designs. Steel is preferred due to its strength and ability to resist corrosion hence cutting down on maintenance costs. Modern ones have insulating property.

Aluminium garage doors: Aluminium doors were common in the recent past but have been replaced to a great extent by steel doors. Aluminium doors have both pros and cons which are discussed below.


  1. Are cheap
  2. Light in weight
  3. Resistant to rusting


  1. Prone to denting
  2. Energy inefficient
  3. Are not very strong

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