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Customers and especially new ones will tend to have doubts about certain aspects of the garage doors. As a company, we strive hard to answer all these questions so as to restore their confidence in our products. This is a free platform where you can post your question then our customer care operators will answer you in the best possible way. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

  1. How much does a garage door cost?

The cost of a garage door varies depending on the construction and the look. Under construction factors such as the material and the hardware determine the price while under the look factors such as the model and the color come into play.

  1. Is a steel door stronger than an aluminium door?

It all depends with the thickness of the steel door which is given in millimeters. The type of impact also comes into play.

  1. Can I add windows to my garage door?

It is very possible to add windows to your already installed garage door. However, this should be carried out by trained personnel for health issues.

  1. Do you offer residential and commercial doors?

Yes we do. This is the key policy of our company- to meet all the customer needs. We offer everything including full doors, spare parts and we also offer servicing. Installation of the full doors is also offered.

  1. How do I locate a dealer or place my orders?

You only need to contact us via mobile or send us an email. You can also place you orders online at our website.

  1. Can my garage door be painted?

All our garage doors can be painted. However, you need to revisit the manufacturer’s manual for the specific painting directions. We also offer powder coating which is way better as compared to painting. You can visit our dealer outlets to see the 100+ powder coats available.

  1. What kind of maintenance does my garage door require?

We strive to create products that are durable and long lasting even up to a whole ones’ lifetime. However due to tear and wear, we recommend annual checking of your door. You can also check out our magazine on garage door maintenance for more details.

  1. Can a non-insulated door be insulated?

True. We have insulating kits which can add the insulation property to your already existing door.

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